He gets that from me

Reba McEntireという人の、He gets that from me

His early mornin' attitude: You have to drag him out of bed. Only frosted flakes will do, He gets that from me: Yeah, he gets that from me. His curly hair and his knobbly knees: The way the sun brings those freckles out. Talk and talk, never miss a beat, Yeah,he gets that from me: He gets that from me. He looks at me with those big brown eyes: He's got me in the palm of his hands, And I swear sometimes it's just like you're here again. He smiles that little crooked smile: There's no denying he's your child. Without him I don't know what I'd do: He gets that from you: Oh, he gets that from you. How he loves your old guitar: Yeah, he's taught himself to play. He melts my heart: tells me he love me every day. And cracks jokes at the perfect time, Makes me laugh when I want to cry. That boy is everything to me: He gets that from you: He gets that from you. Last night, I heard him pray: Lord, help me and mama make it through. An' tell Daddy we'll be okay: He said he sure misses you: He sure misses you. He really misses you: He gets that from me.



by kaeru.ouji | 2006-05-09 13:34 | 本・映画・音楽

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